Product - Automation

Controllers and Programmers

Globe Automation Solutions deals in single loop controller and multi loop controllers (up to 16 loops) to control the various parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, humidity etc.

We have high accuracy process controllers to improve process efficiency, product quality and minimize waste. These feature-rich instruments offer versatility in application and have clear, user friendly operator interfaces.

  • Single loop controllers
  • Multi loop controllers
  • High controlling accuracy
  • Auto tuning feature
  • Programmed through keypad & configuration software
  • Program profile features
  • User friendly operator interface

Thyristors and Solid State Relays

Globe Automation Solutions deals in single phase to three phase thyristor units to control up to 600A heating load. SSR unit suitable for16 to 100 A heating load.

Improve process performance and save on energy costs with our formidable range of power products. Covering all types of load and voltage, these reliable products offer features such as high performance alarm strategies and advanced diagnostic load fault detection and are supported by our vast experience in all types of power control applications.

  • Smart thyristor with all protection
  • Configurable through keypad & configuration software
  • Suitable for all heating load connection like single phase, 3S, 4S, 3D & 6D
  • Modular phases.
  • Analog IP & Output card available
  • Communication protocol interface facility.

PLC, HMI & SCADA Solutions

Globe Automation Solutions have specific range of products and the best process control solutions for electrical / Gas fired heat treatments, from small laboratory kilns to large metal/glass/silicon furnaces. These products provide features such as energy efficiency, preventive maintenance, advanced process control, and process data storage and management. The range includes products such as: Complete programming by specific designed PLC and HMI.

We have SCADA solutions with Alarm logging, Recipe, Data logging (Historical & Real time) and Batch report feature.