Products - Furnace Spare

Refractory material

Globe Automation Solutions deals in refractory material like Hot and cold face bricks, Silicon Carbide bricks, High Alumina bricks as per application demand in different shapes and sizes.

Flow Meters

Globe Automation Solutions deals in various flow meters like Variable Area flow meters, Electromagnetic Flow meters, Ultrasonic Flow meters, Differential pressure flow meters, Turbine type flow meters, Mass flow meters as per different application and standard.

Furnace Assembly

Globe Automation Solutions deals in different assemblies used in furnace like heating chamber fan assembly, Oil tank agitator assembly, Door Assembly, transfer chain, Charge machines for different furnace make and sizes.

Heaters & Radiant tubes

Globe Automation Solutions deals in electric heating elements is the widest on the market. Our heating elements outperform in all temperature ranges, from element temperature 50 to 1850°C (120-3360°F), and atmospheres. We have also deals in finished products suitable as per customer’s existing system. We also deals in customized radiant tube as per application demand.

Pressure Gauges & Pressure switches

Globe Automation Solutions deals in high-grade mechanical pressure measuring instruments is one of the long standing competencies. We have full-range of mechanical pressure gauge and we deliver a broad product portfolio from a single source. A wide range of materials (e.g. stainless steel 316 Ti/316 L, Monel, Hastelloy, platinum, titanium, PFA/PFTE coatings, plastics) and process connections enable optimum adaptability to suit the process.

Position Sensors

Globe Automation Solutions deals in Linear and angular position transducers detect the position of mechanical parts in motion. We have a wide and unique range of models, using consolidated and new technologies, including the potentiometric technology, Magnetostriction, Hall effect, MEMS, and magnetic dragging.

Pressure Sensors

Globe Automation Solutions deals in industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure the pressure of fluids (liquid or gaseous) in the applications required. In particular, Melt pressure transducers are dedicated to applications involving high process temperatures up to 540 °C.

Temperature Sensors

Globe Automation Solutions deals in temperature sensors must have the least effect possible on the values to be read, in its wide range of thermocouples and thermo-resistances, meets the measurement needs required by the various industrial sectors.